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computers / Rocksolid Network / Re: def3.i2p css updates

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Re: def3.i2p css updates


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From: (trw)
Newsgroups: rocksolid.shared.rocksolid
Subject: Re: def3.i2p css updates
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2019 08:10:39 -0500
Organization: Dancing elephants
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 by: trw - Sun, 24 Nov 2019 13:10 UTC

>Same deal for the forum navigation on the main page, which should jump to next or previous section, but it appears that's also borked.. I enabled up/down >buttons for the forum navigation (commented out in the css), but the javascript doesn't work. Something to look at?

Not sure why the js does not work, but anyway it is not supposed to. To get rid of all js has been on my to do list since a long time. It is not the right technology to be used in the darknets imo, as it encourages the user to have bad opces (js switched on).

>Also, it appears the jquery css hasn't been commented out.. that's 30KB of pure useless.. definitely worth nuking! It's in the head of every document: ><link >rel="stylesheet" href="login_files/jquery-ui.css" media="screen">

Same comment, I need to get rid of it. Takes a lot of files to patch, so I did not do it yet.

>Here's the latest css update, which now includes improved registration and login pages, and more cosmetic fixes/enhancements.
>As per usual, let me know if anything's broken!

Checking it out right now.
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computers / Rocksolid Network / Re: def3.i2p css updates


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