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computers / Rocksolid Nodes Help / upgrading rslight 0.6.8 to 0.6.9

o upgrading rslight 0.6.8 to 0.6.9Retro Guy

upgrading rslight 0.6.8 to 0.6.9


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From: (Retro Guy)
Subject: upgrading rslight 0.6.8 to 0.6.9
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2021 06:52:53 +0000
Organization: Rocksolid Light
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 by: Retro Guy - Sun, 21 Mar 2021 06:52 UTC

The main difference when upgrading to 0.6.9 is that it includes "body" in searches. To do this, it requires data to be stored in the group databases, so it only works if you are storing articles in a database, which is the default.

1. Download rslight latest from github, fuwafuwa, or (or newer) from rslight (/getrslight)

2. Disable cron for rslight by commenting the line out in crontab.

3. Kill any nntp.php and nntp-ssl.php processes running. ps aux | grep nntp

4. Back up your spool dir if you wish.

5. Run the upgrade script from the rslight zip file you downloaded. Extract the zip somewhere, then run or as root.

6. Change to the user running rslight (usually www-data on Debian, www on BSD).

7. cd to whereever you put .../html/spoolnews dir

8. From that directory, and as the rslight user, run:
php /etc/rslight/scripts/import-db3.php (or wherever you put this)

This should update all your group databases and display progress as it goes. If you only have rocksolid.* groups, it should be reasonably fast. If you have a lot of large groups, it can take a long time.

9. Once the above is done, re-enable rslight cron job in crontab, then wait for nntp.php to start back up.

That's it. You should now be running 0.6.9 and have body search features.

Retro Guy
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computers / Rocksolid Nodes Help / upgrading rslight 0.6.8 to 0.6.9


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