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Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2022 07:56 UTC
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François Marier: Upgrading from chan_sip to res_pjsip in Asterisk 18
September 27, 2022, 11:30 PM
After upgrading to Ubuntu Jammy and
Asterisk 18.10, I saw the following messages in
my logs:
WARNING[360166]: loader.c:2487 in load_modules: Module 'chan_sip' has been loaded but was deprecated in Asterisk version 17 and will be removed in Asterisk version 21.
WARNING[360174]: chan_sip.c:35468 in deprecation_notice: chan_sip has no official maintainer and is deprecated.  Migration to
WARNING[360174]: chan_sip.c:35469 in deprecation_notice: chan_pjsip is recommended.  See guides at the Asterisk ...
Steve McIntyre: Firmware again - updates, how I'm voting and why!
September 27, 2022, 5:46 PM
Back in April I wrote about
with how we handle firmware in Debian, and I also spoke about it at
in July. Since then, we've started the General Resolution process -
this led to a lot of discussion on the
the debian-vote
mailing list and we're now into the second week of
the voting
The discussion has caught the interest of a few news sites along
the way:
  Debian to vote on
  its firmware path in Linux Weekly News
  Begins A General Resolution To Decide W...
Jelmer Vernooij: Northcape 4000
September 26, 2022, 10:00 PM
This summer, I signed up to participate in the Northcape 4000
&lt;; an annual 4000km bike ride between Rovereto
(in northern Italy) and the northernmost point of Europe, the North cape.
The Northcape event has been held for several years, and while it always ends
on the North Cape, the route there varies. Last years’ route went through the
Baltics, but this years’ was perhaps as direct as possible - taking us through
Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, th...
Bits from Debian: New Debian Developers and Maintainers (July and August 2022)
September 26, 2022, 2:00 PM
The following contributors got their Debian Developer accounts in the last two months:
Sakirnth Nagarasa (sakirnth)
Philip Rinn (rinni)
Arnaud Rebillout (arnaudr)
Marcos Talau (talau)
The following contributors were added as Debian Maintainers in the last two months:
Xiao Sheng Wen
Andrea Pappacoda
Robin Jarry
Ben Westover
Michel Alexandre Salim
Sergio Talens-Oliag: Kubernetes Static Content Server
September 25, 2022, 10:12 PM
This post describes how I’ve put together a simple static content server for
kubernetes clusters using a Pod with a persistent volume and multiple
containers: an sftp server to manage contents, a web server to publish them
with optional access control and another one to run scripts which need access
to the volume filesystem.
The sftp server runs using
MySecureShell, the web
server is nginx and the script runner uses the
webhook tool to publish endpoints to call
them (the calls will come from o...
Shirish Agarwal: Rama II, Arthur C. Clarke, Aliens
September 25, 2022, 9:07 AM
Rama II
This would be more of a short post about the current book I am reading. Now people who have seen Arrival would probably be more at home. People who have also seen Avatar would also be familiar to the theme or concept I am sharing about. Now before I go into detail, it seems that Arthur C. Clarke wanted to use a powerful god or mythological character for the name and that is somehow the RAMA series started.
Now the first book in the series explores an extraterrestrial spaceship that...
Ian Jackson: Please vote in favour of the Debian Social Contract change
September 24, 2022, 7:08 PM
tl;dr: Please vote in favour of the Debian Social Contract change, by ranking all of its options above None of the Above. Rank the SC change options above corresponding options that do not change the Social Contract.
Vote to change the SC even if you think the change is not necessary for Debian to prominently/officially provide an installer with-nonfree-firmware.
Why vote for SC change even if I think it’s not needed?
I’m addressing myself primarily to the reader who agrees with me that Debi...
Gunnar Wolf: 6237415
September 23, 2022, 4:03 PM
Years ago, it was customary that some of us stated publicly the way we
think in time of Debian General Resolutions (GRs). And even if we
didn’t, vote lists were open (except when voting for people,
i.e. when electing a DPL), so if interested we could understand what
our different peers thought.
This is the first vote, though, where a Debian vote is protected under
voting secrecy. I think
it is sad we chose that path, as I liken a GR vote more with a voting
process within a general assembly of...
Steve Kemp: Lisp macros are magical
September 23, 2022, 2:30 PM
In my previous post I introduced yet another Lisp interpreter.  When it was posted there was no support for macros.
Since I've recently returned from a visit to the UK, and caught COVID-19 while I was there, I figured I'd see if my brain was fried by adding macro support.
I know lisp macros are awesome, it's one of those things that everybody is told.  Repeatedly.    I've used macros in my emacs programming off and on for a good few years, but despite that I'd not really given them too much th...
Reproducible Builds (diffoscope): diffoscope 222 released
September 23, 2022, 12:00 AM
The diffoscope maintainers are pleased to announce the release of diffoscope
version 222. This version includes the following changes:
[ Mattia Rizzolo ]
* Use pep517 and pip to load the requirements. (Closes: #1020091)
* Remove old Breaks/Replaces in debian/control that have been obsoleted since
You find out more by visiting the project homepage....
Jonathan Dowland: Nine Inch Nails, Cornwall, June
September 22, 2022, 10:09 AM
In June I travelled to see Nine Inch Nails perform two nights at the Eden
Project in Cornwall. It'd been eight
years since I last saw them live and when they announced
the Eden shows, I thought it might be the only chance I'd get to see them for a
long time. I committed, and sods law, a week or so later they announced a
handful of single-night UK club shows. On the other hand, on previous tours
where they'd typically book two club nights in each city, I've attended one
night and always felt I sh...
Simon Josefsson: Privilege separation of GSS-API credentials for Apache
September 20, 2022, 6:40 AM
To protect web resources with Kerberos you may use Apache HTTPD with mod_auth_gssapi — however, all web scripts (e.g., PHP) run under Apache will have access to the Kerberos long-term symmetric secret credential (keytab). If someone can get it, they can impersonate your server, which is bad.
The gssproxy project makes it possible to introduce privilege separation to reduce the attack surface. There is a tutorial for RPM-based distributions (Fedora, RHEL, AlmaLinux, etc), but I wanted to get...
Matthew Garrett: Handling WebAuthn over remote SSH connections
September 20, 2022, 2:17 AM
Being able to SSH into remote machines and do work there is great. Using hardware security tokens for 2FA is also great. But trying to use them both at the same time doesn't work super well, because if you hit a WebAuthn request on the remote machine it doesn't matter how much you mash your token - it's not going to work.But could it?The SSH agent protocol abstracts key management out of SSH itself and into a separate process. When you run "ssh-add .ssh/id_rsa", that key is being loaded into the...

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